Biei flower fields

 MG 8006-HDR

As we were driving towards Biei, we saw a car park and what looked like a flower garden so pulled over. This was Hills Town Biei where Derek, Paule and myself chose to walk around, while Anita and Lawrence opted to drive around in a buggy. It turned out that this vehicle had no reverse option, so route planning became important. It was lovely to be out in fresh air surrounded by flowers.

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 MG 8021-HDR

 MG 8030-HDR MG 8024

One surprising thing about this flower garden was that it was free to enter! I guess it must have made its money from the vehicle hire and the food shop?

 MG 8057-HDR

IMG 6271

We had some refreshments, then continued on towards Furano, stopping at the Hokusei-no-Oka Observatory Park for a view over the hills of Biei and Furano. Just like the cherry blossom season, there must be a best time to see the flower gardens and I think we were just a bit early to see the lavender bushes in full flower. When all the flowers are out and the distant hills are not covered in clouds, this would be a wonderful view!

 MG 8078-HDR

 MG 8063-HDR

 MG 8084

Just across from the carpark were a row of shops, all using different methods to tempt passers by. These padded dolls in Wellington boots didn’t quite work for me though! 

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