Furano Winery and Cheese Factory

IMG 6799

We started our morning at the Furano Winery, tasting a couple of sample wines of which the rose was delicious. Paule had introduced us to the delights of the haskap fruit, a specialty of Hokkaido, so we all bought some haskap jam. The inspiration for this winery business was the major of Furano who had been troubled by the fluctuating value of the onion harvest and was looking for alternatives. If you live in Japan, you can make use of the excellent Black Cat delivery service to send your wine home to you on any specific day and at a predetermined time!

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After our morning drink, we drove to the Furano Cheese Factory. If you have time and can plan ahead, they run cheese-making, ice cream-making, and cake-making classes here. We sampled the cheeses on offer and regretted that they had to be refrigerated so could not come home with us. The displays were interesting and educational and we weren’t the only ones avoiding the rain by spending time there.

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