Lake Shikotsuko

 MG 8498-HDR

Lake Shikotsuko was clearly a tourist destination, with a large carpark, food outlets, and things to do on the lake. My travel companions opted to take a trip on a glass bottomed boat (shown right in photo above) while I stayed land-locked.

The swan boats here were very popular, but you could also try other options on manpower to get around the lake..

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 MG 8549

 MG 8516

IMG 6815

I enjoyed looking at the cloud formations as they rolled over the mountains. I was just about to figure out how to do some time lapse photogrpahy of the clouds, when I heard my friends’ boat returning and I had to get back to the harbour area and eat ice cream!  This one was soft vanilla ice cream with a delicious sauce of haskap berries.

 MG 8537-HDR

 MG 8543

Apparently this caldera lake is the northernmost lake in Japan which does not freeze over in winter. The water here is crystal clear and my friends were able to see plenty of fish and look at the strange geological rock formations along the lake’s edge.

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