Goryokaku Fort 

 MG 9083

 MG 9068

The model above shows you the five-sided Goryokaku Fort on display in the Goryokaku Tower which overlooks the fort.  The fort was the site of the historical battle ending the Tokugawa shogunate and starting the Meiji Restoration in 1869. This is a statue of the Last Samurai, Toshizo Hijikata, who is memorialised all over Hakodate.

 MG 9086

It was impossible to get a photos of the whole Goryokaku Fort, but you can still see its star-like shape in the photos below.

 MG 9062 MG 9059

The park is a lovely space to walk around, and is especially beautiful when the sakura are in bloom in spring.

 MG 9005-HDR

 MG 9009-HDR

 MG 9017

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