The Old Soma House

 MG 8854

This century old wooden Japanese building is a real treasure. It was built by a local merchant, Mr. Teppei Soma, and positioned to observe the harbour and his various businesses. 

 MG 8949

We toured the building with the aid of this map and digital pen system, and since we were the only visitors, the lady of the building followed us around and pointed us in the right direction. And when we had finished, she offered us a cup of coffee. All so civilised! Everything in this building was perfectly thought through and exquisite.

If you were a visitor here, you would have indoor toilet facilities and hot water to wash with, but if you lived there, these luxuries were out of bounds.

 MG 8923 MG 8918

 MG 8924

 MG 8926

 MG 8946-HDR

 MG 8958 MG 8962

 MG 8935

There was a small European section to this building as well, with curious glowing door handles made of uranium oxide.

 MG 8917 MG 8916

And upstairs was a collection of prints and photos, principally of the Ainu people who were very hairy.

 MG 8973
 MG 8976

 MG 8979

 MG 8991-HDR

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