Old friends reunited!

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As I am still waiting to receive photos from John’s wedding, this image from outside Kowloon Park will do for a starter image here! When did Hong Kong get to be cute?

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Here is Yolanda, Dick, and Ella Yip at the Yum Cha restaurant in Kowloon. We arrived totally soaked as Hong Kong greated us with plenty of rain on this trip. The restaurant's unique take on dim sum made for some interesting and tasty food. Custard buns and cha siu bau are dim sum classics, but I have never seen them like this before.

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We had a more conventional, and very very long, dim sum meal with Wing Tai and Suzanna Cheung at the Loong Yuen Cantonese restaurant in the Holiday Inn in Nathan Road. The food was traditional and excellent, and this is a great place when you have so much conversation to get through!

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We met up with Mio and Nick Debnam at Bedu in Gough Street, a hard to find Middle Eastern restaurant in Sheung Wan. Mio decided on an arty shot using the mirror behind us, but the image quality means only a small size photo here. We opted for the Chef’s choice as we couldn’t decide how to chose from all the delicious looking food on the menu; we were not disappointed!

IMG 7081

When it came to meeting up with Franki and Sally Tse at the House of Jasmine in TST, the staff almost refused to see Franki’s name on the reservation list and would have been quite happy if we’d walked away! Welcome to Hong Kong I thought! Lawrence enjoyed some traditional sweet and sour pork and we finished the meal with our favourite digestive, daufu fa. The waiter advised us not to eat spinach in the next 24 hours to avoid getting kidney stones, well we’d never heard that before!

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For our last evening, we met up with David, Kate, and Cyann Attali at their home in Wan Chai. We brought along a bottle of fizz and a super delicious cake from Ms B’s Cakery in Prince’s Building. It was nice not to be in another restaurant for a change, and if you are wondering, Lawrence, Cyann and Kate are trying to do the Korean hand gesture representing love. We’ve been watching a lot of Korean soaps on tv lately!

IMG 7121

There was a lot more eating and more friends, but not on camera.

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