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This was our morning view from our room in Ulun Ubud Resort; shame you cannot hear all the birds singing! The resort was in classical Balinese style and in an ideal location.

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We drove out daily from Ubud, and only got from A to B with the help of Google Maps. Most of the roads were narrow, windy, potholed, and full of people, motorbikes, cars and trucks coming in all directions. Thankfully our experience of driving in Malaysia helped us to cope, and the fact that average speeds were less than 40 km/h was an advantage.

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We aimed to visit one or two destinations a day, and in the evenings we could walk from the resort to a road with a whole variety of restaurants when we needed a change. Indeed, the Ubud area was well endowed with many fine restaurants. Our best meal in Bali was at the Indus restaurant. It is recommended to dine here at lunchtime because of the view over the river, but we enjoyed a moonlit dinner on the balcony.

Bali itself is a stunningly beautiful place, as long as you do not go near Denpasar! The countryside is verdent and green, old Hindu temples are everywhere, colourful offerings are strewn over everything, and the air is fresh.

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