Sanur beach

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Sanur beach is near Denpasar at the southeastern end of Bali, and is popular with the Balinese rather than foreign tourists. We were there because it had been recommended by a friend in Malaysia, and we spent a relaxing day sitting on a sofa under a tree, reading our holiday books outside the Baruna Beach Seafood Restaurant. Lawrence did venture in the sea for a swim; the sea was warm and cosy but the sand was hard and abrasive. If you look closely in these photos, you may see Mount Agung on the horizon to the left.

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Now while the beach area might look calm, the access road was controlled chaos! Motorbikes are the mode of transport for the majority of Balinese, and the parking area was packed. I must say though that the guys controlling these parking areas do a pretty good job. When we arrived in the morning, I think we bagged the last spot for a car and I have no idea where we would have parked elsewhere. Parking fees are fixed so it does not matter how long you stay.

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