Tanah Lot Temple

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Tanah Lot temple is a must-visit place in Bali. It is a 16th century Hindu temple on a stunning coastline, but its constant pounding by the sea meant that much of the rock had to be replaced with concrete in the early 1980s to prevent total collapse.

When we visited in 1992, we walked to the temple over a muddy shoreline and there were not too many other tourists. Today though the place was packed with visitors and Balinese cameramen shooting photos of tourists and printing them out to deliver on the spot. These two photos below point further along the coast from the rocky outcrop of the temple.

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The signposting in the carpark was a bit confusing (as were many directional signs in Bali) so we had to doublecheck we were going the right way and not simply driving straight back out! It was noticeable that the Balinese had learnt that tourists want toilets, so there were many signposts for these amenities, and not just signs for ‘toilets’ but for ‘clean toilets’! Having tested their cleanliness (pass!), we headed towards the temple and people-watched for a while.

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I thought that there was a religious activity going on, as Balinese men-in-white seemed to be waiting for the right moment to cross over to the temple.

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But then a whole flock of tourists turned up on the beach and made a run for the temple as well, and physical barriers around the temple were broached. Perhaps this place has lost some if its spiritual value?

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By now, Lawrence and I were in need of refreshment, so we walked up through the market area and sat under the shade to eat an un-toasted toasted cheese sandwich! This is where there are a host of restaurants which would be busy in the evening for the sunset view of the temple. As driving in Bali was a bit scary, we decided to avoid night time driving so had to forego the sunset view this time.

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As well as taking photos of Lawrence, I tried to take photos of locals, always asking first. Just like Malaysians, the Indonesians seemed quite keen to be photographed, so here is a sweetcorn vendor.

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Before heading back to the car, we walked further along the cliff top where the wind blew my hat over the safety barrier and Lawrence turned boyscout, found a forked twig, and rescued my hat for me :))  

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Finally, just a mention of safety notices. When we visited Indonesia in 1992, I do not recall being especially aware of the volcanic activity and earthquakes in this region of the world. But on this visit you could not escape awareness, since tsunami evacuation signposts were quite prominent.  We were even given a foretaste of volcanos when flying into Bali.

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