Tegallalong Rice Terrace

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As you drive around Bali, you will see rice paddies everywhere and in all states of cultivation. The provide a backdrop of all shades of green and make this region very picturesque indeed. For those people toiling in the fields though, their impression is likely to be quite different.

The Tegallalong Rice Terraces are a tourist attraction as well as a working system. Arrive before 11 am and you can find parking in a well organised carpark behind a row of shops. You then pay an entrance fee to the terraces, and as you walk up the hill on the far side, you will be asked for ‘donations' by elderly ladies and gentlemen who work this land. This system of ‘donations’ is common in Indonesia to help things run smoothly. For example, for a busy road junction with no traffic lights, a couple of guys will attempt to direct traffic and you can give them a donation for helping you to drive through the chaos. 

As you walk up the hill, there are several shelters where you can rest from the sun and buy a cold drink. Although this is a tourist destination, it is large enough to enjoy and soak up the fresh air.

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