Mount Bromo at sunrise

IMG 5741

We were up at 3 am to catch a jeep to take us up the mountainside to watch the sun rise. You have to use a 4WD vehicle, or a motorbike, to drive over the Sea of Sand to the steep windy road up Mount Penenjakan. There are three main viewing areas, each with small stalls selling hot drinks, Pot Noodles, and hats and gloves for those who did not expect it to be cold in the tropics! These areas were also well supplied with toilets, so they had everything you could need. Our guide said that if it was the weekend, there would be thousands of tourists here. We were there midweek, but even so, there were people everywhere.

The sun rose to the left of Mount Bromo, and eventually lit up the volcanoes with its beautiful golden light. A French lady was taking a photo in our direction and was somewhat annoyed that we were in her shot! But, she realised how lovely the shot was in that light and offered to take a photo for us on our iPhone. Merci beaucoup!

Here below is a selection of photos taken from a starry night sky to full sunshine (read them from left to right, then down). Note how the sky goes from indigo to blue to lavender until the sun peeked over the horizon.

IMG 8453

IMG 8502IMG 8469

IMG 8513IMG 8521

IMG 8540IMG 8531

IMG 8570

IMG 8667

Then looking towards the volcanoes, we had another colour show to watch.

IMG 8578IMG 8548

IMG 8608IMG 8589

IMG 8616

IMG 8664

Many people disappeared as soon as the sun had risen, so they missed the golden light that all landscape photographers dream of. We hung around for as long as possible and took far too many photos, but then this is a once-only event. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

IMG 8676

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