Surabaya street scenes

IMG 8172

 Surabaya streets are not pedestrian friendly, but at least the vehicles let you know they are there! So, here are some general shots taken as we went in search of the spice market.

The red-roofed tall white buildings say ‘Dutch’, especially those along one side of the river, and the best preserved are the banks.

IMG 8178IMG 8150

IMG 8175

IMG 8187

IMG 8193IMG 8162

IMG 8268IMG 8271

IMG 8265

If you pick up a copy of the Surabaya Heritage Track Map at the House of Sampoerna, you will find many historical buildings of interest. But these are quite spread out throughout the city and really you’d need a motorbike to get to these easily. So these photos are of buildings which took my interest, but I do not know their names or functions.

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