The Pasar Pabean (spice market) and there abouts in Surabaya

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Mr Hari (our guide in eastern Java) had suggested we visit the Pasar Pebean, or Spice Market. As we walked down the narrow back streets, it was clear that Westerners were not normally seen in these parts! It felt a little uncomfortable, but as intrepid travellers, we just marched onwards! The roads were crowded and lined with stalls selling fresh fish; it was quite fascinating to see. Note below the lady in a pedicap with fish at her feet.

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What was very noticable in this part of town was the size of the people; the women in particular were probably less than five feet tall. You can see this by compariaon with Lawrence in the photo below right. Although they may have been short in stature, they were clearly very strong, carrying very heavy loads on their heads.

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We did not come across too much in the way of spice in this market, instead we saw huge mountains of garlic and onions. The women were all very busy and we were often in their way! The market was a warren of small passageways and we opted not to go too far inside for fear of getting lost.

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Back out in the streets, there was still more activity as trucks were loaded and unloaded, and more people to photograph.

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