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Yogyakarta, in central Java, is of great historical significance for Indonesia. The ancient Mataram Kingdom of the 8 - 10th century ruled from this region, and all major kingdoms and empires seem to have been centred here. There is a lot for visitors to see in and around Yogyakarta, so having arrived in the evening, we had dinner and watched a performance of the Ramayana legend. This had been modernised with light effects and fireworks, but the live musicians singing and playing the gamelan made the entertainment provided by the Ramayana Ballet - Purawisata even more special. Cannot say the same about our dinner though!

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Our city tour involved a visit to the Sultan’s Palace, the Water Castle, and the Prambanan Temple, and then it was off to Borobudur for the night. I should mention the Omah Dhuwur restaurant where we had a late lunch, as the food and the setting were great.

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