Istanbul - Bazaars, markets and food stalls

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Here is the entrance to the Grand Bazaar, a fabulous warren of shops surrounded by lanes of even more shops!  It was endless! It was in one of these side lanes that we succumbed to the charming sales guy (they are all guys) and bought a load of nut-filled Turkish Delights; absolutely delicious. Also came away with a variety of teas which smelt wonderful, even to a non-tea drinker like myself. Apple tea was a very popular after meal drink here which we thoroughly enjoyed. So, here are some snapshots of markets and food-related matters.

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In Taksim Square we first came across florists selling these head garlands; never seen these before. We did see some young girls and ladies wearing these, but still haven’t figured out their significance.

Here is a streetstall selling hot chestnuts and boiled/grilled corn-on-the-cob, with a close-up of the chestnuts below.

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The array of nut-filled homey-loaded baklavas was overwhelming, as were huge slaps of chocolate filled with nuts of all kinds.

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Here we have some images of delights for meat-eaters:

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But, walk around Galata region and you will fall in love with fish; there was so much variety and it was so fresh. I have never seen gills on dead fish quite as red as the ones shown below.

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October was pomegranate season, and these huge jewels were freshly squeezed for a refreshing drink.

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The Turks drink their tea without milk, and Lawrence loved the flavour of Turkish tea and an excuse to sit down.

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In the Grand Bazaar and on the surrounding streets, you could find everything to make your garmet of choice; clearly they love a bit of bling in Istanbul.

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The Spice Market was full of aroma, and people. I bought some Iranian saffron which currently fills my kitchen cupboard with a delightful smell.

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Hanging above were strings of dried aubergine, peppers, and goodness knows what else!

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Here’s an array of Turkish Delights; dried fruit at the top, classical Turkish Delight sweets on the left, and nut-filled Turkish Delights on the right. These sweets are so sweet you do not need to eat too much at a time.

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