Day 5 - Gokayama

grey morning

We woke up today to the sound of rain and optimistically hoped it would stop after we’d had our breakfast. But no, it barely stopped raining all day. Such a contrast to the previous days of glorious sunshine. My camera is not rainproof so taking photos while holding an umbrella was a little troublesome. Fortunately, I had my two trusty assistants with me for help! Still, you will see some photos with rain spots on them, but that can’t be helped.

Gokayama is a smaller district than Shirakawa, with less-visited villages as these are harder to get too using public transport. We visited Suganuma Village in the morning, then Ainokura Village in the evening.  I had booked a stay in one of these Gassho farmhouses, not realising it was actually in Ainokura Village!

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