Day 6 - Kanazawa

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Before driving off north from Gokayama to Kanazawa (approx. 1 hour), we sat down to a distinctly Japanese breakfast.  We did think that eating a fried egg using chopsticks would be a challenge too far, but managed it none the less! I think the solidness of the futons and the knobbliness of the buckwheat pillow made for a rather uncomfortable night and certainly a distinct back ache for me in the morning.  Still, staying in this village farmhouse was a unique experience, not to be missed.

The weather today was grey and wet, and continued that way as we drove towards Kanazawa.  We stopped at a service station to change drivers and just had to test out the chips from the vending machine.  Yes, freshly cooked chips and they werent that bad at all!


We continued our drive into Kanazawa looking for our hotel.  We were staying in a very comfy hotel (Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku) which was right next to the castle and the main tourist attractions.  So, we left our car and luggage at the hotel and walked off into the rain.

After walking all day around Kanazawa (see linked pages below), we checked into the hotel and wallowed in the wonderful onsen, surrounded by floating lemons. Now we were really hungry, so took a taxi to a restaurant (Otaba) recommended by Dan in our stop in Ainokura Village. We ate an interesting selection of Japanese/Western food (hard to explain this!) in another one of these cosy small restaurants which the Japanese favour. Because we were near the geisha district (Higashi Chayagai District), we walked along the river and down the back streets. Not much sign of activity anywhere though. 

It had been a long day so we were looking forward to getting back to the hotel, but could we find it? We stopped and asked for directions from a road construction worker who pointed us in the right direction. After a few minutes we discovered it was completely the wrong direction, as the chap ran after us to re-direct us correctly after he'd double checked on his phone.  How nice was that?  It turned out that the hotel was just around the corner, but the nightly road works meant we found it hard to recognise where we were.

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