Day 6 - Oyama Jinja Shrine and the Omicho Market

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By late in the afternoon, we reached the Oyama Jinja shrine, which is famous for its stained glass.  It is the resting place of Toshiie Maeda, the feudal lord who laid the foundations for the Kaga Domain (16th century).

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Toshiie Maeda was known for his spear skills (his spear was longer than anyone else’s), and he led a special red cloaked force used for marking positions and progress across the battlefield. The cloak, when expanded, protected the wearer’s back from arrow attacks.  Only specially trained warriors could wear the red cloak as it did make one rather conspicuous!

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Next, we popped into the Omicho Market.  Because it was late afternoon, the market was closing down, but we still had a chance to see the wonderful produce for sale and buy my favourite citrus fruit (yuzu) and some freshly harvested persimmon.

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