Day 9 - A fire in Yokohama China Town


This picture above shows you Yokohama China Town at night, busy with locals and tourists alike on the weekend. Last time I visited on a week day and it seemed very quiet.  Sunday 1st November was our last day in Yokohama, so we went to a local dimsum restaurant before heading off to the airport. It was now that we discovered why it was necessary to remind locals of the dangers of fire and how to put a fire out.  As we walked through one of these narrow streets, we smelt burning and saw plumes of smoke belching out of a shop/restaurant just behind us.  Shop keepers were shouting to draw attention, and we decided to get out of the way as quickly as possible, knowing (actually assuming) that someone would have contacted the Fire Brigade. Walking back through these streets later, we did see the blocked-off road and the fire trucks nearby. These fire trucks are tiny in comparison to Western fire engines because of the narrow streets in Japan. And it is these narrow streets which makes fires so much more dangerous as they can spread easily. Just visit a Japanese castle to see how the kitchens were in buildings separate from the main building, for that very reason.

fire engine

So, an interesting end to our stay in Japan. It is a fascinating country to visit; full of variety with something for everyone.  Just remember to bring a good pair of walking shoes, because no matter if you are travelling around by train or car, you still have to get out and walk to discover all that Japan has to offer.

© Helen Gray 2020