Bagan - sunset on the Irrawaddy River







As we sailed back from the Kyauk Gu U Min temple, we were treated to an exceptional sunset. There were few other boats in the river so we had the view to ourselves. In contrast, on our second day in Bagan we had a scheduled sunset trip, with cocktails (rum sour) and snacks on board. But there were so many other boats around us and a strong smell of diesel in the air, so it was far less enjoyable.

IMG 6526

IMG 6532

The sunset started off promising, but was a damp squib compared to the previous evening.

IMG 6520

IMG 6536

I had thought that the dusty environment was responsible for the colourful sunsets here, but we saw another reason tonight as a highly polluting vessel lurched its way along the river to Mandalay.

IMG 6553

IMG 6568

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