Arrival on the lake

IMG 8105

We were driven from Heho Airport to the jetty place, some 50 minutes away. Heho town was a bustling town where most people are farmers. Further along the route we drove through what is referred to as Gurkha Town since many Nepalese settled here after working here for the British in the army. From the jetty to our hotel (Pristine Lotus Resort) was a 40 minute boat ride which was quite an impressive way to arrive. We headed down a canal into Inle Lake, then hugged the lake’s edge to the hotel and this is what I saw. When you see water spray in the distance it means there is a motor boat there. Photos to the right of the boat have blue skies, and photos to the left have paler skies as that was the direction of the sun.

IMG 6760

IMG 6768

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IMG 6776

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