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At the start of the day, the lake was filled with sedentary fishermen and speeding boats ferrying locals and tourists across the waters. The line of smoke haze comes from the rubbish-burning bonfires and accumulated diesel fumes.

In the dry season the lake may only be five feet deep, and fishermen are reknowned here for their distinct method of fishing. The cane basket is lowered onto the lake floor and they sense, by tension on the inner net, when there’s a fish present. Closing up the inner net yields their dinner! Nowadays there is a preference for using just nets rather than cagesas yields are better. But in either case, the fishermen tend to stand on their boats and use their legs to control direction and movement of the boat. Apparently this was to allow them to see above the reed beds which were their original fishing zones. Using paddles in conventional style was also not possible.

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