Mya Set Kyar Cooking Class

IMG 9194

Chef had already got the pork curry cooking away, so he showed us how to make a tomata salad, chicken with gourd, and fish stuffed with fish. The crisps on the righthandside of the photo above are made from chickpea tofu which is a speciality of this region. Much of food is similar in style to Chinese cooking and we loved the addition of ground peanuts and peanut oil in the tomato salad.

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On the subject of food, I should say that we ate everything! But maybe that’s because we have lived in Asia for almost 30 years. Tea is the drink here and sadly I rarely found the coffee enjoyable. Tea also appears in salads! Myanmar beer is very drinkable, as are the cocktails. I never expected this to be a cocktail country and first thought it was just in the hotels. But we discovered the Family restaurant in Khaung Daing which not only served good food and ice cream, but also delicious rum sours!

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