New Zealand (Dec. 2015 - Jan. 2016)

IMG 0145

On 23rd December 2015, Lawrence and I left Johor Bahru to catch a flight from Singapore to Auckland, New Zealand.  We spent a couple of weeks driving around the north island, followed by a couple of weeks in the south island, finally returning home on 24th January 2016.  This was an epic journey, but nothing like that made by the founders of New Zealand who reportedly followed the birds migrating there from Polynesian islands.

It is the scenery of New Zealand which is the star of the show, but this is hard  to capture in photos as the scale of the landscape becomes obscure.  Besides, the nature of the roads in New Zealand (narrow and windy), and the style of driving in New Zealand (tailgating) makes it hard to stop when yet another stunning view comes into sight.  Hopefully, the photos and commentary which follows will give you a reasonable, yet personal, expression of this country and its people.

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