Day 12: To Napier

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One unexpected property of New Zealand was your close proximity to water, whether it be the sea, lakes or rivers.  And sadly we learnt that more New Zealanders than ever were lost each year due to drowning; learning how to swim is no longer on the school curriculum.

On our way to Napier, we stopped to walk to the Huka Falls.  The walk took us longer than the signpost suggested, but the sight of the river was well worth the extra time, and today we had glorious sunshine.

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The drive over the hills took us into clouds again, so there was little to see except for this waterfall.

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We arrived in the seaside town of Napier in the afternoon and took a walk around this Art Deco town. Napier town was destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1931, and new land arose out from the sea for miles around, providing rich land for orchards and vineyards. Since the town was completely rebuilt in the 1930’s, it automatically has an Art Deco style.  We did not have time to explore all the extraordinary buildings, but here are a few images to give you an impression.

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In the evening, we went on a ’Twilight Odyssey Progressive Wine and Dinner Tour’ where each course of dinner was held in a different winery, accompanied by a generous selection of wines.  We got to know our travelling companions very quickly!

We drove up to the top of Te Mata (The Peak) to watch the sun set while sipping sparkling wine.  Should have been more enjoyable, but it was freezing cold!

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