Day 13: Napier’s Gannet Colony

IMG 0834

It was a little tough getting up today after all the wine of the previous evening, but we had a date with Gannet Safaris out at Te Awanga.  We were driven through a local sheep/cattle farm up to the Gannet Sanctuary on Cape Kidnappers - the extreme tip of the south end of Hawkes Bay.  We watched (and smelled) the gannets for about 40 min; beautiful birds when flying but rather clumsy on the ground.

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I think there were about four separate gannet colonies scattered around the cliffs; you can see a colony in the middle of the photo above.

IMG 4223

Our next date was at the Silky Oaks chocolate factory where we ate and drank far too much chocolate, and had a delightful guided tour around their museum.  Thankfully, the New Zealand chocolate was more like European than American chocolate!

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