Day 14: To Martinborough

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Today we drove south from Napier to Martinborough, stopping at several places along the way.  First was a Wildlife Cafe in Pukaha with a group of kakas ready to steal your food if you didn’t pay attention.  These birds were quite large and had that ‘smart’ look about them, with positively prehensile legs.

Continuing south, we turned off the main road when we saw a sign for Stonehenge Aotearoa and could not resist taking a look.  This was a very strange place indeed, looking like someone had decided to build a concrete carpark-style of Stonehenge on some farm land.  It turned out that everything was aligned to be astrologically correct, but somehow it all looked wrong on this beautiful sunny day!  There were flowers everywhere, a brilliant blue sky, mountains on the horizon, birds singing and bees humming.

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Next we stopped in Greytown, which has a fair number of old wooden buildings, to take a look; that didn’t take long!

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We were staying that night in Martinborough, and found a lovely cinema cum restaurant so sampled some local wine and food and then watched a film (Trumpo).

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