Day 17: Abel Tasman (Kaiteriteri)

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Decided to have a ‘holiday’ today, after yesterday’s long and hard day travelling!  Didn’t want to get back onto the windy roads again, and as the sun was shining, we went to the beach at Little Kaiteriteri, as we were told it would be sheltered from the wind which was blowing today.  When we arrived, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves, as most visitors go to the Kaiteriteri beach around the corner.

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Lawrence went for a swim which left him freezing cold and shivering for quite some time.  So, we hung out at a cafe by the beach in Kaiteriteri for a while while he warmed up, then drove back to the B&B to rest and read our books.  I had a long chat with the owner of the B&B who had been a sheep farmer until that become less profitable. I’d noticed  a lot of dead pine trees on his property and he said it was a condition of his lease that he destroy the ‘foreign’ pine trees and allow the native bush to recover. Many foreign plants and animals have simply ended up as pests when imported into New Zealand. We also discussed what happens if you live in these remote areas and need medical attention?  The prospects I must say are not good!  We did not have time to venture into the Abel Tasman National Park itself (and most ‘walks’ start with a boat trip), but I am sure it must be spectacular.  Maybe another time?  

Where we were staying really was in the middle of nowhere, so when the stars came out at night, I took my camera out for a play!  Looking back at the photos now, I wish I’d spent more time out there, but we had a long drive planned for tomorrow, and I was so tired!  The first photo is a 30-second exposure and you should be able to spot the Milky Way?  The second photo is a merging of 5 x 30-second exposures and you can see that 2.5 minutes is enough to see that the stars rotate in the sky. The straight line must be a manmade object flying through the sky, but is was not a plane.

IMG 1198

StarStaX IMG 1189-IMG 1193 gap filling

Despite our best attempts at sleep, we had company in our room.  A huge and noisy fly wouldn’t rest so we had to encourage it to escape out of the window. But then more noise which sounded like the fly was in a box!  I got up to find a large-winged cockroach-like beetle walking along the skirting board; the sound occurred every time its wings hit the wall. Then it started to walk up into the bed, so time for action from Lawrence to trap the thing in a glass and throw it too out of the window. What a day?

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