Day 19: Kaikoura

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We’d heard that ‘Swimming with the dolphins’ was the must-do thing in Kaikoura, but at this time Lawrence was waitlisted for this activity and had signed up for whale-watching.  Since I avoid boats and the sea as much as possible, these activities were just for him.  By 11:10 am we learnt there was a place on the dolphin trip due to a cancellation, so Lawrence joined that and I explored Kaikoura on land! It turned out that the cancellation was due to the poor weather conditions (rough seas) and Lawrence did not have the joyful experience he had been looking forward too! Vomiting over dolphins should never on your to-do list!

The ‘beach’ at Kaikoura is not a sunbathing type of beach, but still worth a look. Apparently, swimming is currently banned here because of poor sea quality.

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And, on this gravel beach were many nesting seagulls, not at all disturbed by people.

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Further along the beach and closer to town were groups of cormorants.

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The war memorial park featured whale bones and it is interesting to think that now it is live whales, and not dead whales, which keep this town afloat?

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I walked up Denny’s Track to take me to the top of the hill overlooking Kaikoura. From there I could see the mountains which yesterday had been completely hidden in rain clouds.

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At the top of the hill was a painted water tank and a view over to the other side of the peninsula and the side where Lawrence was swimming with the dolphins.

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During this walk I came across many recognisable and unrecognisable plants; some are shown here:

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After my exercise, I ate the most delicious fish sandwich from this beach stall, and went back to the motel to read while waiting for Lawrence to return.  If you enjoy eating fish, then New Zealand is the place for you!

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And our reward tonight was a dinner of locally-caught crayfish in the Green Dolphin restaurant (also just up the road from the motel); delicious!


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