Day 2: Christmas Day in Auckland

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Christmas Day in Auckland!  

We opened our presents (books to read while on holiday) then ate a full English breakfast. It turned out that hotels in New Zealand prepared very good breakfasts, so we tried not to eat much then until dinner time. With the grey skies above, we walked down to the harbour front where a few other people were also out for the day. The yachts here looked like huge expensive toys.

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Huge ocean liners were docked in the harbour today, and the tourist office had stayed open on Christmas Day morning just for visitors. We were approached by a couple offering us something; it turned out they had an all day bus pass which they had already used, and asked if we wanted it?  Well, with everything closed today, we said yes and hopped on the bus for a tour of the city. Normally, you would get on and off this bus to see the sights, but that wasn’t an option today as everything was closed. So, we were driven around the coastline and inwards to Parnell village and green parks.

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Finally, we alighted at Queens St and walked along it to see the shops. Clearly, Aucklanders do not do much shopping here and probably go to out of town malls, for this street was dismal. Other than this building with Father Christmas and his reindeer, there was very little evidence that this was Christmas time. Indeed, I’d seen more Chritmas sparkle in the Muslim city of Johor Bahru!

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So we walked a bit more in the drizzle, then headed back to the hotel for our Christmas dinner. And, as the sun started to set, we had the first glimpse of sparkle out in the harbour.

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