Day 24: Dunedin 

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The weather today had brightened up a bit so we walked around Dunedin and then took a bus tour. Again, we saw more vintage cars on the roads, and the Art Deco building is part of the Settlers Museum.

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This monument represents where the settlers first landed in Dunedin, but reclamation has left this far from the shore.

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Next we have the railway station, the some glorious churches, townhall, Otago University (the oldest university in New Zealand) and the Otago Press building.

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On the bus tour, we had the chance to look at the city as a whole, and see how is spread over the hills around the bay (Otago Harbour). 

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Despite the sandy beaches, not all of these are suitable for swimming as the currents can take you straight out to sea.

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And, in the far distance below is Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world with an incline of 1 in 3.41!

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We actually spent most of our time in Dunedin in the wonderful Settlers Museum. The story behind the settling of Dunedin (New Edinburgh) by Scottish Presbyterians, and their interactions with native Maori is well told, and you can search their files to see if your relations were amongst the first to arrive here.

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And, the final point of interest was finding my namesake (H. Wise) who owned a stationery warehouse in Dunedin.

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