Milford Sound Cruise

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Milford Sound is actually a fiord, made by glacial activity allowing the sea to fill in a lake. The water was calm until we got out to the ocean (Tasman Sea) to turn around, and then it started to rain. Apparently, the best time to cruise here is when it is pouring heavily because of all the waterfalls cascading into the Sound. If you are doing the four-hour-plus round trip from Te Anau, don’t forget to fill up with petrol beforehand or you will be stranded! And, allow plenty go time because you do not know how long you will have to wait to get through the Homer tunnel. This tunnel through the mountains is one-way, with access controlled by traffic lights, and a countdown clock telling you how long until you can move. It’s the most basic tunnel I have ever driven through, as if they hand-chiselled out the rock, added a few lights, and that was it! It is dark, rugged, and eary to say the least, and I was glad to get out the over side!

Here are some of the sights I got to see today.

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