Edo Wonderland

 MG 9387

I really enjoyed this theme park, perhaps because we could escape from the heat and watch some indoor entertainment. Or perhaps because everything had been well thought through! This is a recreation of the Edo period in Japan and the days of the Shogun (1603-1867). As you enter the park, you are immediately surprised by an attack from a samurai……….

 MG 9288 MG 9289

Then we watched a show featuring ninjas! Very energetic and great entertainment!

 MG 9294 MG 9292 MG 9295 MG 9310

The comedy show was a bit beyond our comprehension, but the water magic show required no knowledge of Japanese.

 MG 9316 MG 9402

The afternoon parade featured the Oiran Dochu, the ultimate geisha. She walked on high platform geta shoes, supported by attendants. They had to walk very very slowly, which was good for taking photos but not good for these performers out in this heat.

 MG 9318

 MG 9321

 MG 9323

 MG 9346 MG 9354

This next building housed a cinema showing a Japanese movie featuring humans and large furry animals!  It’s all too hard to explain, you will just have to come and see for yourselves.

 MG 9378

As we left the park, we saw a guy pulling a cart who suddenly stopped and bowed down. This was because a group of officials were about to walk past him, so I bowed too for safety!

 MG 9407

 MG 9381

The lady in the kimono on the left is a Westerner, not Japanese. Her partner was dressed in Japanese costume too and she is posing here for his camera. You can hire costumes for the day and walk around the park in character. If we hadn’t felt so hot and sweaty, we might have opted for this. Maybe next time?

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