Coles Bay to St. Helens

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Our first stop was Bicheno to see the blowhole, and for once we were not the only persons there.

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We walked over the rocks and followed the markings for the coastal trail to the Gulch, by which time the sun was out and the seabirds were screaming. We had a very early lunch to take advantage of the freshest fish and chips here.

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Here we got our first proper introduction to the Tasmanian Devil. This place is one of several centres breeding Tasmanian Devils to try and counter the alarming death rate from a facial cancer inflicting these animals. The red ears are their way of reducing heat and it seems that they like to sit out in the sun after eating, as that quickens digestion of their meal.

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There were plenty of other wildlife to see here and you can see how well the kangaroos are camouflaged when sitting under the trees. It was getting pretty hot by now so many of the animals in the park were well hidden.

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These kangaroos were mothers, as you can see in the following two photos.

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There were plenty of birds around as well. When we arrived, the two white peacocks were displaying but had stopped by the time we got into the park. And the emu was almost invisible.

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Hopefully you will have noticed how the colour of the sea varies with the colour of the sky. Even the greyest seas have a fascination, but you cant beat pale coloured sands and a torquoise sea to lift the spirits.

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