Hobart - Battery Point and Salamanca Market 

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Battery Point is Old Town Hobart, built in the early 1800’s. The houses were built on the hill overlooking the harbour on the Derwent River. Most buildings are single story bungalows, and those around Arthur Circus are some of the most expensive properties in Hobart.

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November is late Springtime in Hobart, and flowers were blossoming everywhere. The most popular flowers were roses which were found in the front gardens of most houses. It all looked very pretty indeed.

British settlers in Tasmania wanted to make this place just like home, but with better weather!

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Down the hill from Battery Point is an area known as Salamanca, where you can find historical monuments referring to its maritime history. And on Saturdays, everyone comes to Salamanca for its weekly market. Here you can buy Tasmanian produce of all sorts, with many stalls selling honey, jams, mustards and gin. Plenty of beautiful wollen products too and souvenirs galore. I got the impression that Tasmanian products tasted so good because they were local products, it being far too expensive to ship everything here.

You could even get a coat for your dog so it could look like the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

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