Hobart - Mount Wellington/Kunanyi

IMG 2329-Pano

IMG 2002-HDR

Mount Wellington (AKA Kunanyi as its Aboriginal name) dominates the skyline behind Hobart, and was shrouded in cloud on our first day. Thankfully, the sun came out on the day we decided to drive to the top of Mount Wellington and we were glad not to have been Charles Darwin who had to climb 4170 ft to the top after several attempts in 1836!

We took the boardwalk and were rewarded with fabulous views. My photos really do not do them justice.

IMG 2390

IMG 2372

We had originally planned to walk to the Organ Pipes (dolorite columns shown below), but it was bitterly cold today, the wind was screaming, and there were patches of snow on the ground. So, we headed back to the car instead!

IMG 2393-HDR

IMG 2363-HDR

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