Sydney (1st-7th December, 2019)

IMG 5192

After our travels around Tasmania, we spent a week at a friend’s house in Sydney and had a lovely relaxing time. Looking back at these photos now, I find it difficult to recall the exact colour scheme at any time. All along the east coast were enormous ferocious wildfires; one could smell smoke in the air and large bits of black soot were landing on us. The colour of the sky varied depending on the direction of the wind, but there was an orange haze in the background, the moon was orange and the sun was bright red.

IMG 9074

The iconic Sydney Opera House, shown above, also had an orange tinge. By our last day, the wind was blowing from the south and the sky returned to blue, but it was still far from clear. However, the news reports were of three fires to the west of Sydney which had joined to become a giant fire storm (60 km long), covering a land mass larger than than of downtown Sydney, and unstoppable. While the choking dust was a problem for us, it was nothing compared to the people who were in the fire zones and the fire fighters who had been battling to save peoples’ homes for four weeks already.

We did some walking, visited museums, and generally took it easy after our adventures in Tasmania. On our first trip to Sydney, over 20 years ago, we found the city hard work with long distances to walk between sites of interest. Now, with Google Maps and excellent public transport, it is so much easier to find one's way around this city, and this city has everything. I have noted just two of our outings here:

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