The flowers of Tasmania

IMG 2195-HDR

At MONA, Hobart.

On Mount Wellington, Hobart.

IMG 2327

At Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman peninsula.

IMG 2520

IMG 2531

At Port Arthur Historic Site.

IMG 2606

IMG 2609

IMG 2622

At the Coal Mines Historic Site.

IMG 2705

IMG 2730-HDR

Succulents at Carnavon.

IMG 2763

At Kate’s Berry Farm.

IMG 2850

Outside the Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society museum in Swansea.

IMG 2860-HDR

At Bicheno on walking back from the Gulch.

IMG 3190-HDR

On the High Street in Derby.

IMG 3452-HDR

The Rose Garden in Woolmers Estate, near Launceston.

IMG 3576

IMG 3573

IMG 3583

IMG 3585

Entally House, near Launceston.

IMG 3661

A forlorn wild garlic flower on the Nub, Stanley. These are considered as weeds so were being killed off.

IMG 4237

A classical Tasmanian flower (Telopea truncata) at Lake St. Clair.

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IMG 4864

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