The Tarkine Drive

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The Tarkine Drive is a circular route taking you through the remote North Western region of Tasmania. 


The highlight for us was visiting the Edge of the World (shown above) and the Tarkine coastline. Gardiners Point, south of Arthur River, is called the Edge of the World as the sea west of here is the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean in the world. The currents sweep in unimpeded from Agentina, more than halfway around the planet, until they hit this spot. And hit it they do! The sound of the surf is tremendous, the wind takes your breath away, and the experience makes you feel quite insignificant.

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The Tarkine Forest is known as a cool temperate rainforest. We got a good view of the forest at Sumac Lookout which changes in time depending on which trees dominate. Foresty is a major industry in Tasmania and we frequently followed lumber trucks on their way to sawmills.

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We almost missed the sign for the Sinkhole but glad we stopped there. It’s just a big hole in the ground filled with dark water, so it makes an excellent mirror. We saw a huge kookaburra and heard lots of birds singing. But best was hearing a frog’s chorus as it travelled around the Sinkhole!

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