Woolmers Estate, near Launceston

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Woolmers Estate is a UNESCO Heritage Site and typifies the lifestyle of free settlers granted huge land rights in return for promising to make the land productive. To help them, they were given free labour in terms of convicts and just had to provide food and lodging. Woolmers Estate was founded in 1817 by Thomas Archer and he insisted in his Will that nothing would be removed from the property. So, here we have a time capsule of Tasmanian Colonial Style. It actually felt oppressive inside with heavy furniture in small rooms. Everything was done to make this look as English as possible. There were plenty of buildings on-site to wander around...

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Just across the river was his brother’s estate of Brickenden and convict workers had to walk a great distance between locations when extra manpower was required (e.g., wheat was grown on one property but milled on the other).

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The Rose Garden here was wonderful, even though the roses were just past their prime.

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