An overnight trek to Bumdra monastery, descending via the Tiger’s Nest monastery.

 MG 1272 MG 1260

 MG 1281

 MG 1287

A pack horse with Calor gas for our cook in the camp ahead.

 MG 1308

A pit stop for the ponies and us; lunch time.

 MG 1323

Lawrence rests after lunch and tries to ignore his growing toothache!

 MG 1335

Snow remains enroute as winter was longer than usual this year. Note the furry trees covered in lichen.

 MG 1341

Lawrence on an easy part of the trek (rare!).

 MG 1347

Prayer flags tell us we are almost at our campsite.

 MG 1374

Our campsite and the Bumdra monastery on the mountain side (after 7 hours of walking up and up).

 MG 1386
Herds of yaks descend from the mountains and pass through our camp.
 MG 1401 MG 1371

 MG 1437 MG 1413

 MG 1434

A monk perches on the hillside.

 MG 1411

Sunset behind a ruined chorten at the edge of our campsite.

 MG 1444

Everyone huddled around a welcome fire; our clothes have burn holes as proof!

 MG 1452

Morning has broken on some very cold campers.

 MG 1458

Our descent through the forrest (with the help of a young man who carries our backbacks and runs up and down the mountain with no effort).

 MG 1473

We descended from behind the monastery on the left and rest whenever we can.

 MG 1479

 MG 1488

A short rest; trekking downhill was very hard!

 MG 1491

A novel view of the Tiger's Nest (Taktshang Monastery) in the hills above Paro. We descended from the hill behind the monastery. We opted not to walk to the monastery as our legs were like jelly by this time.

 MG 1503

 MG 1509
Just before we collapse at the end of our trek. There is not much of this smooth flat path; a knee-crunching decline preceeded this and more still awaited us!

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