The drive from Camp Kipwe to Etosha National Park

IMG 4591
IMG 4594

This was a stop enroute to see the Petrified Forest. Several people tried to coax us off the road to see ‘their’ petrified forest, but we had a map so knew where to find the right one!  

These huge fossilized tree trunks are 280 million years old, and are thought to have washed up here in an ancient flood. We had an excellent guide who also demonstrated their language of click sounds.

Thus is a Welwitschia plant; Namibia’s national plant. An adult plant has 2 leaves which divide over time but are never shed. These plants can live for hundreds of years and are either male or female.

IMG 4588IMG 4590

And, some more weaver bird’s nests. Apparently, they make decoy nests the thwart the snakes looking for a meal.

IMG 4611

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