The drive from Windhoek to Desert Homestead (Namib Desert)

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We left Windhoek to travel southwest towards the Namib Naukluft Park on the west coast of Namibia. We drove for hours without seeing another vehicle on the road and it was here that we first encountered the vast and strange landscape of this country. You could scan the horizon all around and still feel like you were the only people on Earth.

Lawrence surveys the emptiness; this was to become a feature of this road trip.

IMG 3153

IMG 3168

A tree’s natural protection system.

IMG 3177

Strange dead-looking succulent plants.                                                      A communal nest of sociable weaver birds.

IMG 3280IMG 3182

IMG 3187IMG 3193

Classical shape of African trees of the savanna.

IMG 3199

Weaver bird’s nests.

IMG 3211IMG 3205

IMG 3220IMG 3226

IMG 3252IMG 3241

IMG 3243

Desert Homestead in the Namib desert.

IMG 3261

Springboks at dusk.

IMG 3273

Sundown over the Namib desert.

IMG 3274

Oryx (Namibia’s national animal) at dusk.

IMG 3296

Sunset over the Namib desert.

IMG 3312

A springing Springbok seen at dawn the next day at Desert Homestead.

IMG 3705

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