Driving around the park on day 2

IMG 5438

Based now in Mushara Bush Camp, we drove back into the park for another day of a wildlife aventure. We were looking for rhino, but unsuccessful. We had caught a glimpse of one at night by the waterhole, but drove along the Rhino Trail and saw none there.

Spotted some cars parked at the side of the track and eventually saw why; a group of about 10 lions and cubs.

IMG 5484

IMG 5503IMG 5486

IMG 5525

IMG 5532

IMG 5535

A fork-tailed drongo.                                                                 A bustard.

IMG 5557IMG 5542

Came across a couple of elephants appearing to fight in slow motion; they barely moved for minutes at a time.

IMG 5571IMG 5570IMG 5576IMG 5572

A large male wildebeest; males of most species here tend to get kicked out of the family groups and live a quite soliatry life until breeding impulses come into play!

IMG 5577

A young giraffe along the roadside as we leave Etosha and head south to Okonjima.

IMG 5581

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