Star trails

Camp Kipwe-1

Above: A 2-hour collection of photos taken from the porch of our hut in Camp Kipwe.

Below: Another 2-hour collection of photos from Camp Kipwe, but without the foreground boulders.

Camp Kipwe-2

This is about 4 hours of photos taken from the balcony at Okaukuejo Rest Camp. The camera was pointed away from the flood lit waterhole but it was impossible to avoid the moving trees in the foreground.

Okaukuejo Rest Camp

This is a 1-hour star trail taken from the front of the Desert Homestead hut. This was my first attempt at star trail photography in Namibia and shows the value of pointing your camera at a pole star (see other 3 photos).

Desert Homestead star trail-1

The dark skies of Namibia make this an ideal place for astrophotography. So glad I tried this out on this special trip.

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