Sai Kung: a day out by the sea (12 Oct 2013)

With the Chung Yeung festival falling on Sunday 13th October, HKers had a long weekend to enjoy. So, Lawrence and I drove off to the coastal town of Sai Kung in the New Territories for lunch and a stroll around this still-quaint town.

There are always plenty of boats and sea-life to watch; these are dragon boats used for racing during special festivals.

 MG 2026

 MG 2043

Here is something you won't see in many places; water-borne rubbish collectors. Good thing too given the amount of rubbish HKers throw into the sea.

 MG 2042

 MG 2031

Looking over the sea wall you can find small boats selling fish etc, but it's unlikely they caught much of this themselves.

 MG 2091

 MG 2134

We opted for fish and chips for a leisurely lunch. The outdoor seafood restaurants are always tempting but better suited for group dining. 

 MG 2048

 MG 2066

This is the typical view of fish tanks in front of the seafood restaurants. The normal practise is to select your seafood from here and instruct the restaurant on how you would like it prepared.

 MG 2094

To tempt you to the seafood restaurants, some have huge fish tanks outside with huge fish!  Taking good photos is a problem because of the reflections, but here's a few attempts.

 MG 2105

 MG 2109

 MG 2098

Along with all the live fish on display, you can also find trays of fish left out to dry in the sun.

 MG 2110

 MG 2112

 MG 2114

These are pieces of tangerine peel hanging from a clothes rack on the pavement. These are good to add to red bean soup.

 MG 2116

This is the temple in Sai Kung, as the sun goes down.

 MG 2125

Returning back along the water front, you might notice the sea has changed colour from when we started out. Now it has a rich blue tone rather than the watery green of earlier in the afternoon.

 MG 2130

Wildlife in Sai Kung comes in all shapes and sizes.

 MG 2131

Sai Kung is dog heaven. This seems to be one of the few places in Hong Kong where dog owners are fanatic about grooming their dogs. They are paraded along the sea front for all to see, and this coloured poodle caught everyone's attention.

 MG 2134

The owner of this lovely dog sat him/her up on a bench for me to photograph. I just loved the way the dog seemed to disappear into the background.

 MG 2019

 MG 2015

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