The culture and history of Johor Bahru

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Over last couple of years, I have written about various cultural activities in Johor Bahru, and tried to provide information on the history of this city. So, here I will provide links to these blogs for easier access.

The feature length documentary film called The Hidden History of Johor Lama  describes the history of the Johor Sultans up to Sultan Abu Bakar and the growth of Johor Bahru. Below is a trailer and links to download the 85 minute film from Vimeo.

In 2018, my husband and I made a 25 minute documentary about The Hidden History of Johor Bahru, filming in both Johor Bahru and Singapore. Here is a short trailer to tempt you, and for US$2 you can watch the whole thing! Or, if you want to watch a lower quality video for free, then you can watch this on YouTube. Just search for The Hidden History of Johor Bahru. 

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The City of Johor Bahru

Exploring Johor Bahru Old Town 2015

Kota Johor Lama 2016

A Deeper Look into Johor Bahru 2017

Johor Bahru Art Gallery 2017

The oldest churches in Johor Bahru 2018

The Figure Museum (Dato’ Jaafar’s house) 2018

The Crown Arch 2019

The History of Johor

The Old Johor Sultanate in Kota Tinggi 2018

The Hidden History of Johor Bahru 2018

Old Stories of Johor 2018

Retracing the Old Johor Sultanate 2019

The History of Melaka 2019

Muar - the Royal Town of Johor 2019

Uncovering the History of Johor 2019

Kota Tinggi Museum 2019

The making of ‘The HIdden History of Johor Lama’, May 2019

It’s a wrap! (The oldest forts along the Johor River, July 2019)

The Historical Relationship between Johor and Singapore

The Malay World in Old Singapore (March 2018)

The Birth of Singapore 2018

Exploring Chinatown Singapore 2018

Revisiting Raffles 2019

The Chingay Festival

The Chingay Parade - Events Schedule

Chingay Night Parade 2016

Chingay Prelude Day Parade 2017

Chingay Night Parade 2017

Chingay: the full five days 2018

Chingay Prelude Day Parade 2019

Chingay Night Parade 2019

Chinese Affairs

A Glimpse into the Chinese World of Johor Bahru 2017

Exploring Kangkar Tebrau 2018

Preview of 24 Festive Drums 2018

5th International Festival of 24 Festive Drums 2018

Indian Affairs

The Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple 2016

Thaipusam Festival 2017

Little India in Johor Bahru 2017

Thaipusam Festival 2018

The Golden Chariot procession (Aadipoora Thiruvizha) at the Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam temple 2018

Deepavali celebrations in Johor Bahru 2018

Masjid India during Ramadan 2019

Hari Raya at Masjid India 2019

Thaipusam 2020

The Brahmothsavan Festival, 2021

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