Local birds

Across from our balcony is a white fruit-bearing tree which attracts a lot of birds. They are very lively and don’t stay still for long, but their song in the morning has become the background to our breakfast. 

Here is a crested myna bird; the noisiest of them all!

IMG 0305

IMG 0294

This I think is an ashy bulbul.

IMG 0273

Thrushes and starlings make up the remaining birds keeping us company.

IMG 0258

IMG 0323

IMG 0259

Just around the corner at the swimming pool, I spotted this white-throated kingfisher one afternoon.

IMG 0237

IMG 0247

And, well I know these are not birds, but these mating dragonflies got in the shot this morning, so had to include them!

IMG 0320

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