Lotus Resort, Desaru (August 2016)

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Lotus Resort, Desaru, is just over an hour’s drive away from Johor Bahru on the east coast. It is a rather tired resort, but our bed was comfy, the shower worked, and we had a good tv!  But, the real attraction was its water park with its so-called Lazy River. My travel companions experienced anything but a ‘lazy’ river and were quite exhausted after a couple of circuits, but the squeels of delight (or was it squeels of terror?) told me they were having fun!

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Being drenched by an emptying coconut also seemed to produce a lot of pleasure!

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The advantage of staying overnight in this part of Desaru is access to some of Johor’s tourist sites. It is a 30 min drive to Kota Johor Lama and less than 10 mins away from Desaru Fruit Farm, both of which I have featured before on this website. Nearby Kota Johor Lama is the Crocodile Farm, and that will feature in the following blog. The dining facilities at Lotus Resort are not its main attraction, but there are plenty of eating places just up the road. We did dine one evening in the Seafood Restaurant and the food was very tasty, so I would however recommend that. Especially if your driver for the trip walked a bit further to the beach and discovered the BEACH BAR! The beach itself is not safe for swimming, but it is a great feature to contemplate with a cocktail in hand! So, we sat there for several hours as we watched the light change while the sun set. Being on this part of the east coast, you will not see the sun itself, but its glory was reflected in the clouds. We were rewarded with a great view of the full moon poking through the clouds. And, in that brief period between sunset and darkness, we experienced the blue light’ period. I have not enhanced the colours in these photos, these are the colours captured by my camera. So, after enjoying natures show, we dined and slept well.

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