The Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple, Johor Bahru

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The Glass Temple is a gem amidst a rather derelict area of Johor Bahru, but well worth a visit.  Following instructions from Google maps, we arrived and parked along a side road by the railway line. As the orange gates to the temple complex were locked, we had to turn left and walk along the railway tracks to find a path over the shrubbery to the temple. This rather unnerved one of my visitors but I insisted that trains were infrequent and I was sure we’d hear them coming.

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When we were leaving the temple, we did indeed come across a train! So, if you enter via this route, please take care.

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The temple charges RM10 per visitor, and you will need to leave your shoes outside in plastic racks. There are drinks for sale at the entrance, and religious items for sale inside. You can take photos of most things inside the Glass Temple, but there are several sacred items which must not be photographed. And dont forget to look up at the ceiling and its eclectic collection of chandeliers.

Here are photos of the interior of the Glass Temple; probably too many, but….

IMG 0835

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